HomePro is now Homr!


The service providers that serve your home 

The Vetting Process

Partners have a thorough selection process

You have to trust someone who's working on your home. We have a 6 step selection process

Handyman shaking hands
Step 1


HomePro's in-house general contractor interviews every service partner on our platform. You get the expertise of 30 years of commercial facilities management and residential remodeling experience

Step 2

Insurance and Licenses

HomePro requires all of our partners to carry insurance and any licenses required by their trade

Insurance Pic
Step 3

First Project

HomePro's general contractor is on-site for a partner's first job. We set expectations and confirm the quality of their work

Test Project
Step 4

Test Jobs

HomePro's staff completes in-depth test jobs on our own homes using service partners in our network

Test on our home
Step 5

Random Quality Checks

HomePro's general contractor performs random quality checks every week to give feedback to partners and help them improve

First job inspection
Step 6

Member Satisfaction

You'll be asked if you were 100% satisfied after every single job is completed. This feedback is sent to our partners


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